Top 5 Reason Why People Don’t Budget

The backbone to every successful financial plan, whether it is personal or business accounting, is a monthly budget. This monthly budget is the blue print to your financial success and prepares you on where your money is going and what to do with it in advance. Without a system of budgeting or a method of […]

Government Debt in Canada as of 2017

Upon the release of the annual budgets by the federal and provincial, increasing debt and budget deficits are key issues. We have seen an increase in the combined federal and provincial net debt from $833 billion in 2007 to a projected $1.4 trillion in 2017. The combination of the net debt equates to 67.5% of […]

5 Minor Financial Mistakes that Can Lead to a Crash

It’s common to make a few financial mistakes here and there when you’re starting a business, however, over time this can result in a cash flow crisis if it becomes continuous and you are negligent. When you run into periods of standstill that do not generate revenue it is time to stand back and recognize […]