MISSION STATEMENTOur job is to legally minimize client taxes and to help keep our clients profitable, cash flow positive, and OUT OF TROUBLE with government agencies.

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At DFD-CPA, our expert team of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) works daily to increase the financial well-being of our clients, individuals, self-employed, professional or corporate accounts.

Through the use of complex accounting and fiscal procedures, methods, and strategies, we at DFD-CPA are able to do the following:

  • Maximize your profits
  • Minimize your taxes
  • Insure proper, dependable, and efficient financial, accounting and tax advice at the right moment
  • Help you build a more profitable, valuable and saleable business
  • Be proactive in our actions offering to you accounting and tax services beyond compliance
  • Being always one step forward your needs, trying to anticipate your next move in order to offer the necessary advice and guidance for your success

Our proactive behavior towards our clients involves acting in advance of any future situation, being prepared and anticipating further needs or possible situations, rather than just reacting to something already happened. It means taking control and making things happen rather than just adjusting to a given situation. It is this that makes us different, distinguishing us from other accounting firms.


DFD-CPA has earned its reputation and achieved success through the consistently high level of satisfaction of its clients. In order not to deviate from this core value, we only work with the best of the best. Moreover, we are consistently making efforts to update our expertise and improve the quality of our services. Customer satisfaction is a priority at DFD-CPA.

Whether you are an individual, an independent professional, or a multinational company in search of accounting services, DFD-CPA offers support tailored to your needs. Enjoy the tangible benefits that the Chartered Professional Accountants at DFD-CPA can provide to you.

Company Profile

Accounting, whether general accounting or business accounting, is a discipline that requires Accuracy, Expertise, Proactivity, Sensitivity and Honesty. And it is these five principles that influence each and every one of our actions. The Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) at DFD-CPA have forged a solid reputation as trusted advisers and conform to the strictest industry standards in terms of quality.

Our ability to simplify an often complex and meticulous discipline is greatly valued by our clients. Our vision of accounting has already attracted hundreds of clients, who are now loyal to our high quality services. Join them by contacting us today.

Our Mission

At DFD-CPA, our mission is to maximize profits gained, minimize taxes owed, and guarantee the satisfaction of our clientele by following the fundamental values that have shaped the success of our company:

  • Accuracy
  • Expertise
  • Proactivity
  • Sensitivity
  • Honesty


Florin Dumitrescu, CPA – President / Founder
Tel: (514) 484 8778, extension 152
Email: fdumitrescu@dfd-cpa.ca

Daniela Dumitrescu, BBA, Accountant
Tel: (514) 484 8778, extension 153
Email: ddumitrescu@dfd-cpa.ca

Mihaela Ciuca Accountant
Tel: (514) 484 8778, extension 154
Email: mciuca@dfd-cpa.ca

Adrian Ion, Accountant
Tel: (514) 484 8778, extension 156
Email: aion@dfd-cpa.ca

Williamson Betsimifira, BAA
Tel: (514) 484 8778, extension 155
Email: wbetsimifira@dfd-cpa.ca


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