Let DFD-CPA Online Take Your Accounting To The Next Level


We introduced new technology in order to help our clients better control their businesses. As a result, we created a new “virtual branch” named DFD-CPA ONLINE a professional online accounting practice, offering stress-free accounting and tax services and serving small businesses and individuals all over Canada.

With us, you’ll never have to worry about the numbers again. You’ll be able to focus on your business. That’s why our clients love us.

DFD-CPA ONLINE is the new virtual wing of the DFD Chartered Professional Account Inc. (DFD-CPA), an already well-established professional accounting firm, dating since 2004.

Cloud Accounting Montreal

Cloud technology is here and we have many years of experience. Cloud accounting software is similar to traditional, on-premises, or self-install accounting software, only that the accounting software is hosted online. Data is sent into “the cloud,” where it is processed and returned to the user. We use modern online/cloud accounting software, apps, and products that are secure, continuously updated and backed up.

Using the cloud makes it easier for you to access data quickly, accurately, and safely anytime, anywhere. It saves time and accounting fees and it provides simple, 24/7 accessibility of secure real-time information, as well as a powerful cloud-secure environment to support all daily business operations that can be made available team-wide.

You run your business and its books run by themselves, while your dedicated accounting professional team reconciles accounts monthly and provides on-demand financial guidance- just a phone call, chat/email/WhatsApp message away. Our accounting professionals use AI automation with the best financial tools to manage your books efficiently, keeping your bookkeeping and accounting costs low.

We provide technology-backed accounting services to our clients ranging from monthly bookkeeping services, payroll, corporate accounting, tax filing, tax and financial advisory, and strategic planning.

Our cloud-based software and apps are designed to simplify your accounting with an expert team to assist you. We integrate our system to work with your business so that you can access everything remotely. Then, we’ll teach you how to use the software comprehensively so that you’re comfortable and confident with the new system.

A cloud accounting service eliminates the need for you to hire an accountant or bookkeeper but you are sure that everything is done under a CPA’s permanent supervision, support, help, and guidance. It also provides real-time financial reports.

By using cloud technology for accounting purposes, we are able to give our clients full transparency. This way you are able to have access to a CPA accountant while also being able to access your accounting data, financial statements, and reports without having to physically meet someone. There’s no need to physically store and manage paper documents – it’s all organized neatly online so everything can be found in a pinch.

If you want your business to work smarter and faster, DFD-CPA CLOUD ACCOUNTING is a wise option. Working in the cloud will give you a better overview of your finances, and improve collaboration with your team and your CPA accountant.

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Integrated cloud payroll system, completely automatic, with possible direct deposits for employees, monthly, quarterly or annual DAS returns and remittances, payroll processing, WSIB/EHT/CNESST fillings and remittances, year-end T4/RL-1 payroll tax slips, T5/RL-3 dividends tax slips as well as their corresponding summaries. For Quebec construction companies, we offer CCQ payroll and fillings.


We partner with some of the best tax lawyers to properly support you and/or your business with simple to complex various strategies of tax optimization and planning, like RRSP optimized contributions, salary vs. dividends tax planning, optimal corporate structure (Trust, Holding Company, Operating Company, as well as the creation of a 3-tier corporate structure for the real estate investors). We will provide the required advisory and guidance to help minimize your tax exposure. We have the experience, background, and the tools to reach the best solution for you, your family, and your business.


As your business grows, the acquisition of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) becomes crucial. DFD-CPA Accounting Online can serve you as your virtual CFO. Our expertise, analysis, and insights are the perfect assets for positioning your business. By engaging us as your virtual CFO, you get the benefits of executive financial support, which is a key element enabling you to thrive.


DFD-CPA Online Accounting offers a full suite of services to enhance your business operations. It includes the following:

  • Cash flow statements and analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Profitability and financial ratios
  • Forecasting


Automated and Paperless

Filing folders, cabinets, shoe boxes… time to forget them. Your team of virtual accountants DFD-CPA uses smart tech apps that automates most parts of the accounting process, which means that everything is totally paperless and almost fully automated. Less work, less waste, and less harmful for the environment.

Following discussions and analysis to identify the specific needs of each client, we prepare a complete package that will contain a turn-key, automated solution, namely access to an online accounting system, to which state-of-the-art applications are attached, depending on your specific needs and preferences for the automation of most of the difficult accounting operations (automatic loading and processing of bank and credit card transactions, fully automated processing of salaries and direct deposits, production of DAS returns as well as their automatic remittance payments to governments, including T4 and RL-1, issuing invoices, scanning and automatic processing of expense invoices, connection and automatic transfer in the system of transactions made on eCommerce platforms, etc.)

Once the training for their use is completed, you will be able to start taking care of your company’s accounting and books just like a professional bookkeeper would. The only difference will be that from behind, you will be permanently watched, assisted, and guided by a CPA team, which will accompany you on this journey, so that you can be assured that everything is done correctly and in accordance with the accounting and fiscal regulations, with the permanent focus on optimizing the tax savings. And all of this at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire an accountant for the same work and results, and while you will be always in control of your business.

Fixed Pricing

Our focus is on quality, not on how many hours we can spend on a deliverable. In turn, you pay for a result, not for time spent. No hourly charges. No surprises. You will receive a Value-based fixed monthly fee that covers everything of what you need. All the costs for accessing all the online apps and tools, including the online accounting software, will be included in the fixed pricing agreement and made available to you as a turn-key personalized solution.

Of course, at the client’s request, for order changes, or for special projects, we can commonly agree on hourly engagements or custom packages as well.

Dedicated Accountants

Your focus should be on growing your business, plain and simple. Our focus is your success, which means we need to be proactive, accessible, and responsive. We make sure that a quick turnaround for any accounting and tax question is a top priority. We offer unlimited email, video conference, online, and telephone support.

We assign a dedicated accounting professional to each one of our clients during onboarding and thereafter during our journey. Our professionals make themselves available for you from anywhere at any time.

Accounting, Anywhere

We use cloud-based solutions to help you run your business on the go. We work with clients all across Canada – from Vancouver to Calgary and Toronto to Halifax – we have you covered.

Industry Experts

We have expertise in several industries: medical, professionals, real estate, construction, startups, investors, and many others.

Unlimited Timely Support

Fast, same-day responses to your tax, accounting, and tech questions.

Unlimited Training

We’ll walk you and your team through everything needed to feel confident and make you understand what you’re doing. So that, in the end, everybody’s job is done properly.


Contact us to book a complimentary phone or video chat. Because everything is online, we work with clients across Canada.

We’ll get together and talk about your business. We know that each business’s pain points and needs are totally unique, so we’ll dig into what’s giving you the most headaches and sleepless nights. We’re like your accounting therapists.

Give us the keys, and we’ll drive. We’ll conduct a full analysis of your current accounting systems, technologies, and processes to help us determine the best ways to use cloud accounting tools to streamline your operations.


Pay Bills
Track and pay bills on time. And get a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow.


Claim Expenses
Simplify employee expense claims. Scan receipts, download, capture costs, submit, post expense transactions with 1 click, claim sales taxes, approve, reimburse, and view spending.

Connect Your Bank
Connect your bank and set up bank feeds. Transactions flow securely straight into our Cloud each business day.

invoice payments

Instant invoice payments online
Accept payments online and get paid up to twice as fast by connecting to Stripe, Square, PayPal, GoCardless, and others.

Track project profits
Quote, invoice and get paid for jobs, plus keep track of time, costs and project profitability within our system.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation
Keep your financials up to date. Categorize your bank transactions each day using our suggested matches.

Sales tax
Automatically calculate sales taxes on transactions and use reports to prepare and file GST, HST, and PST tax returns (including electronic remittances).

Capture data

Capture data
Get copies of original documents and key data into the online accounting software automatically without manual data entry using Dext Prepare.

Manage Files

Use our online filing system. Manage and share documents, contracts, bills and receipts safely from anywhere, with our unlimited online client portal.

Track your finances with accurate accounting reports. And collaborate with your advisor online in real-time.

Keep track of what’s in stock with inventory software. Populate invoices and orders with items you buy and sell.

Multi-currency accounting
Pay and get paid in over 160 currencies, with up-to-date exchange rates and instant currency conversions.


All services include the following (depending on your needs)

  • QuickBooks Online (Essentials or Plus – value of $44 respectively $66 per month)
  • Sage 50 Cloud (Standard or Plus- value of $39 respectively $55 per month)
  • QuickBooks Online or Sage 50Cloud mobile app
  • Xero, Freshbooks or Wave Accounting Online solutions available
  • Online Portal Document Management with App (Value of $50 per month)
  • Dext Prepare Dext – Prepare with ReceiptBank with mobile app (Value of $35 per month)
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Post vendor bills, expenses and bank transactions
  • Sales Tax (HST/GST and PST/QST) Reconciliation
  • Unlimited email, WhatsApp, online and telephone support
  • Periodic Financial Reporting
  • Canadian-based team (we don’t outsource)
  • Reliable help from real account managers
  • A dedicated team that knows your business inside and out
  • Tax planning and consulting from experts, with proved reputation, and expertise, of more than 20 years in the industry
  • Easy-to-reach support through a variety of direct communication lines
  • Tech-based applications from industry-leading providers
  • Useful reports with actionable insights
  • Accurate and timely statements provided to you
  • Year-end tax ready financial statements
  • Integrated tools and streamlined dashboards
  • Applications that are easy to use on the go
  • Peace of mind that you’re in compliance
  • Data security


  • Financial Statements / Compilation Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Fixed Asset/Amortization Tracking
  • Regular or Specialized Payroll Services (CCQ)
  • Year-End Tax and Accounting Preparation
  • Startup and Small Business Consulting Services
  • Tax Planning and Consulting
  • Electronic Payment Workflow
  • KPI & Cashflow Reporting
  • Migration Services
  • App Software Selection
  • Budgeting
  • Forcasting

All the packages are subject to a setup fee that can vary between $350 and $750 plus tax.


What is a Transaction?

We estimate your monthly fee based on transaction volume. For example, a supplier’s invoice to you which you need to pay would be reflected as 2 transactions: 1 for the entering of the bill, and 1 for producing a corresponding check/payment. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. We can help you assess your transaction volume.

Do you only offer cloud services? What about desktop accounting solutions?

We work with a number of desktop and cloud-based accounting applications. We can either carry on and transition to our services with your existing software or plan a migration path to another solution that may better fit your needs during our onboarding process.

How do you collect documents from your clients?

We have a number of options depending on your situation. If you have a large number of paper documents that we need to get started with, we will arrange for those to be delivered to our office and then returned to you.

For ongoing bookkeeping, we can implement a very simple and easy-to-use document management workflow that is cloud-based which allows you to upload documents by email, web browsers, scanner, or smartphone.

We also have a tool to securely download your bank and credit card statements automatically every month without the need for you to regularly log in. Should this be required, we can help set this up for you.
Once we have your information, leave the rest to us!

Are there custom packages available?

Absolutely, we can work with you to design a package and workflow that meets your requirements. The above is just a template that most businesses use. You may wish to retain certain functions and/or include additional tasks. If you fill out our custom pricing quote form, we can better determine your monthly cost.

My business activity fluctuates greatly. Are there hourly rates available?

Yes. While many clients choose fixed-fee pricing, we can do hourly engagements as well. Please contact us for more information.


Wage point
Wage point certified
Dext Prepare
Wave accounting software

We’re different because we take care of you differently.


We have a 100% client satisfaction score because we invest in understanding your business needs, provide transparent pricing, and reliable service. We generally don’t bill by the hour and help clients with emerging needs – from filing payroll returns to preparing investor reports.

We know what it’s like to work with unresponsive business partners, which is why we serve you the way that works best with your business needs. We ensure quick communication, transparency, and high-quality standards of professional conduct and services.


Would you like to speak to one of our financial advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.