CPA Accountants for Construction Industry


Construction Companies, Developers,
Subcontractors and Specialized
or General Contractors



Construction Companies, Developers, Subcontractors and Specialized or General Contractors


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The construction sector includes both residential contractors and their subcontractors as well as general contractors in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Why do you need a CPA specialized in the construction industry?

Look no further for experienced and knowledgeable construction CPA accountants who understand the challenges you face, anticipates your needs, and provides innovative services and solutions to enhance the financial stability of your company and improve its cash flow and profitability.

DFD-CPA is an accounting firm in Montreal, that assist businesses in the construction industry. By working with us, you not only benefit from access to a breadth of industry-leading accounting and advisory services, but you likewise benefit from our ability to tailor these solutions to your unique needs as a construction company, a subcontractor, a specialized or general contractor.

DFD-CPA works with a variety of clients in every sector of construction field. This cross-industry knowledge has taught us that accounting for the construction industry has its unique set of risks, rewards, and challenges. Your company must attempt to balance competitive job costings with the high cost of materials and staff. You want to build exceptional properties, but you also need to protect your bottom line. These hard-to-balance realities are just some of the many reasons that you need an experienced CPA accounting firm.

CPA Accountants for Construction industry in Montreal

When you’re in the construction industry, the knowledge and experience of your CPA can make all the difference.

A CPA should really understand the nuts and bolts of the construction industry if a contractor is truly going to have a valuable business partner in its corner.

In addition to education and experience, you need to work with accountants who are accessible and client-focused throughout the entire year. At DFD-CPA we don’t just see our construction clients once a year. Instead, we build long-lasting, collaborative relationships with company owners. Our dedication to outstanding client service enables us to develop forward-looking financial strategies. Proactive accounting is the key to the financial flexibility that is demanded by your ever-changing workload. You need an accountant who is committed to consistently monitoring your profits and expenses to protect you from unforeseen issues at year-end.

Our professional accounting firm in Montreal offers construction companies and contractors in general, comprehensive accounting and taxation services. We will review your cash flows and alert you immediately should any financial issues threaten your potential for prosperity. From establishing revenue recognition to appealing taxation audits, DFD-CPA will strengthen every aspect of your financial portfolio so that you can focus on building innovation.

We develop our services to help you to address the key accounting, business and tax issues in the construction industry, and we have expertise in following sectors:

  • A review of your current and future tax position
  • Commercial, Industrial And Residential Real Estate And Land Development
  • Commercial, Industrial And Residential Construction And Renovation
  • Other General Real Estate Construction And Development Contracts
  • Construction Companies, Subcontractors, General And Specialized Contractors

Accounting for Construction Industry Includes the Following Services:

  • Accounting including general and specialized payroll services (CCQ);
  • Financial statement reviews and compilations
  • Preparing and presenting loan proposals to banks and investors
  • Project costing reports for the management
  • GST/HST/QST compliance
  • Tax planning, strategies and solutions
  • Structuring of corporations
  • Representation with federal and provincial tax authorities
  • Advice and guidance on accounting and financial reporting
  • Forecasts, projections and strategic planning
  • Cash flow analysis and budget variance analysis
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Forecasts, projections and strategic planning

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