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For Real Estate Owners,
Investors, Landlords, Developers,
Non-resident Investors



For Real Estate Owners, Investors, Landlords, Developers, Non-resident Investors


Looking for a First-Class CPA ?

Accounting and Tax Planning Services For All Aspects of The Real Estate Industry.

If you are a realtor, resident or non-resident investor, real-estate or rental property owner, builder, developer with income producing properties, residential properties, commercial projects, or land assemblies, DFD-CPA will talk your language and know your business.

Both local market knowledge and cross border experience complement our ability to offer independent advice and help clients across all segments of this sector improve returns, mitigate risks and even address some of the broad issues including: financial reporting, securing debt and developing optimal financing and tax planning strategies.

Our clients range in size from single unit rental operations to multi-unit complexes and residential land developers.

Our experience with the real estate industry allows us to assess the common risks and reporting problems experienced by real estate owners, thus providing efficient, cost-effective services to meet your accounting, tax planning, financing and reporting requirements.

Our CPA taxation team is experienced in the unique tax issues faced by the real estate industry.

Our CPA taxation team is experienced in the unique tax issues faced by the real estate industry. Whether you are developing, renting, investing or house flipping, we pro-actively can identify existing and emerging taxation issues and help your business address them in a timely manner. When the time comes to sell, we can advise you on how to structure the deal to consider the effects of capital gains, capital dividends, refundable taxes and other associated tax planning issues.

Our CPA taxation team has extensive knowledge of the implications of investing in all types of real estate in Canada by residents or non-residents as well as investing in foreign real estate, especially in the United States.

Our experience in these matters enables us to navigate the labyrinth of rules at all levels of government – Federal and Provincial – to provide the most tax efficient structure and simplify the necessary filings. Our network of contacts enables us to provide professionals who can offer legal, brokerage, financing, property management, building inspection, and other services that arise with real estate acquisitions, sales and operations.

Real estate can be a very lucrative business undertaking, but can also be a tax nightmare if you do not plan ahead.

Our real estate tax services are aimed at creating the right investment tax structure for our clients so that they can maximize profits. In addition, our services include a number of extended services including the performance of due diligence so that you know you are acquiring a potentially profitable asset. Our structuring plan also encompasses a strategy on minimizing both real estate tax and capital gains.

Our CPA Team Specializes and Offers the Following Services:

Acquisition and Operational Support

  • Assistance determining and setting up tax efficient investment structure
  • Cash flow modeling for acquisition financing
  • Due diligence procedures on financial information provided by seller
  • Cash flow forecasting and budgeting
  • Assistance with lender financing applications
  • Cross-border tax compliance and planning services

Tax, Planning & Compliance

  • Estate & Succession planning
  • Preparation of tax filings for corporations, joint ventures, partnerships and sole proprietorships
  • Corporate reorganizations (section 85 rollovers, amalgamations, wind-ups, etc.)
  • Tax-efficient transfers of real estate, tax planning, strategies and solutions

Accounting & Business Support Services

  • Bookkeeping and preparation of annual financial statements
  • Advice and guidance on accounting and financial reporting
  • Representation with federal and provincial tax authorities
  • Forecasts, projections and strategic planning
  • Advice and variance analysis on rental operations
  • GST/HST/QST compliance
  • Cash flow analysis

Assistance with Investment Property Sales

  • Calculation of after-tax proceeds, income tax reducing strategies
  • Preparation of financial reports for prospective purchasers
  • Claiming of capital gains reserve where applicable
  • Loss utilization planning

Non-Resident Property Owners

  • Non-resident (NR4) tax withholding, remitting and reporting requirements

  • Reduced Non-resident withholding application requests (NR6)

  • Filing non-resident tax returns under section 216

We advise non-residents of Canada investing in Canadian real estate.

From pre-purchase planning, to ensuring that annual income tax installments get paid on time and tax returns get filed on time, we provide peace of mind. We provide a full package service to non-residents filing under Section 216 for Non-Resident Rental Income (we act as Canadian Agents for non-residents, issuing NR4 and NR4 tax slips, Annual 216 Tax Return for Non-Resident Rental Income).

Expectations by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
from non-residents earning rental income:


The non-resident must withhold and remit non-resident tax at a rate of 25% of either the gross rental income amount (if no Section 216 is elected and no NR6 is prepared) or the net rental income amount (if Section 216 is elected and an NR6 is approved by CRA). The payer of the non-resident tax, which may be the tenant or its Canadian Agent, must make the payment to CRA on or before the 15th day of the month following the month the rental income was paid. (i.e. for rental income earned in January, the tax must be remitted to CRA no later than February 15th.)”

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