Florin Dumitrescu CPA


Florin Dumitrescu
CPA – President / Founder

In 2004, Florin Dumitrescu founded DFD Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. and is largely responsible for its growth. With 20 years of experience in the international arena and a diverse selection of demanding clientele, Florin knows how to take advantage of valuable accounting and fiscal strategies to meet their needs. Furthermore, his unparalleled expertise gave him the opportunity to take on the role of adviser to a number of decision-makers and high-level business people around the world.

Florin works tirelessly to maintain his business relationships. The consistent effort he makes to place the client’s needs at the heart of each and every decision and to deliver impeccable service yields impressive results and happy clients.

Florin also pays special attention to the confidential nature of his accounts. Each chartered accountant (CPA) employed at DFD Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. must conform to strict rules concerning confidentiality.

His vast range of expertise allows Florin to work successfully with individuals and professionals, no matter what their needs or requirements may be (general accounting, business accounting, management accounting, tax statements, tax reporting, consulting, individual and corporate insurance services, etc.).

After completing his studies in Business Administration at both McGill and Concordia University with a specialization in Finance and Accounting, Florin became an active member of L’Ordre de Comptables Professionnels Agréés du Quebec, the Canadian Tax Foundation, as well as the Quebec Fiscal and Financial Planning Association.

Tel: (514) 484 8778 x 152
Email: fdumitrescu@dfd-cpa.ca