Daniela Dumitrescu

Daniela Dumitrescu
Directrice de la comptabilité et la conformité

For over 15 years, Daniela Dumitrescu, a talented accountant and controller, has been working with SMEs in various fields, including those in the medical, construction, and high-tech arenas.

Like Florin, Daniela is a graduate in the field of Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and Accounting. She is meticulous in all of her work, whether it be business financial statements, accounting reports, income tax returns. Her mastery of the discipline guarantees our clients will pay only the absolute minimum in taxes.

Daniela, a member of “The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania” (CECCAR), also works as the accounting department manager and supervisor of our team of accountants at DFD Chartered Professional Accountant Inc., insuring that all work delivered is of the highest quality and compliant.

Tel: (514) 484 8778 x 153
Email: ddumitrescu@dfd-cpa.ca